Department of Engineering, Colorado State University

The PowerCylinder™, as a hydro-mechanical device, will rely heavily on the emerging science of Mechatronics, the integration of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering disciplines as it is integrated into industrial and commercial applications. One of the people on the forefront of Mechatronics is Dr. David G. Alciatore, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. With Dr. Michael B. Histand, Dr. Alciatore has written the premier textbook on Mechatronics.

LatchTool Documents

  • Technology Overview: Description of the PowerCylinder™ including overall concept, force deflection graph, remote control capability, and the modulation made possible by a number of new types of valves.
    File Type: Adobe PDF

  • Technical White Paper: Myron Tupper & Bob McPherson with commentary by Josh Hoyt, Ph.D.
    File Type: Adobe PDF

  • Technology Presentation: Overview of the technology and its capabilities.

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